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Enlist Your Style Saviour: Toronto Life magazine feature

I was thrilled to learn that Toronto Life magazine named me one of the top 50 professionals to help you with your busy life! There are some great people and resources listed in this January ...

Jan, 06 · in News

Impress With No Stress

This holiday season expert shoppers Tarra Stubbins and Zayna Mosam help Canadians conquer holiday gift and style challenges with efficiency and ease. I am pleased to be working with my colleague and friend Tarra Stubbins on ...

Nov, 11 · in News,Resources

Become an Exquisite Influencer

Any great leader has a great vision. How does one communicate this vision to one’s team and enable them in turn to communicate it to others? The answer is: Be an exquisite influencer – one ...

Sep, 01

Outsource Your Wardrobe

Some years ago on the 2nd of January one of my favorite clients called me and said “I’m outsourcing my wardrobe to you!”. With a fresh start for a new year in mind, she had ...

Aug, 15

Get Your Style Injection

  Great image professionals take a holistic approach and have a worldly point of view. These combined with skill and experience are used to help you advance to your next stage. A fundamental component of ...

Apr, 15

The Word Is Not Enough

What is the impact of image? The ability to build and maintain strong rapport is one of the most valuable skills one can develop no matter the environment or ambitions at play. While character and ...

Mar, 08


Welcome to the new website! In addition to the pages that feature the company information, there will be articles, resources and pieces of industry news in the posts. Come back for a visit from time ...

Oct, 29
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